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Worship God With Your Whole Life

The road is not clear.

You’ve wandered, fought, settled, and been defeated. The battle continues as you put confidence in idols: good vibes, friend’s opinions, social media standards, and personal experiences. You want to be like everyone else and only call on your faith as a lucky charm when faced with extremes.

Pulling out that lucky charm in the face of hostility seems to be the right thing, but what happens when that charm is stolen away and you lose the campaign?

1 Samuel 4:22 NIV

She said, “The Glory has departed from Israel, for the ark of God has been captured.”

God departs. You feel empty and hopeless because your talisman is lost to you. Now you must fully accept your aloneness in the world and your hope needs to find a new home.

God never went anywhere. Estrangement is a man-made idea and isn’t always permanent. We think we know better and can use our minimal faith to stir up a magical tide to get through the tougher times. We fail to admit that we cannot conquer life on our own.

Being the vagabond, our eyes are often crusted over with the thoughts of the world. We are blinded to the Lord’s strength and His faithfulness. Our idols of social acceptance have clouded our judgement to the point that we can’t even admit that we are drowning in a tsunami of fickleness.

God wants us to wipe that crust out of our eyes and see His truth right in front of us.

But through it all, God remains steadfast in His faithfulness, love, and sovereign ruling. God is the same and cannot be manipulated. He deserves honor, glory, and worship for simply being our strong creator and salvation. We are set apart for Him for His plan. It is us that need to stop wandering and rubbing the magic lamp when we find ourselves in a difficult situation.

Remember who you are and where you come from. For you are not a part of the world just because you are living in it. You are meant for more.  The fighting is not against you, but against The Word.

John 15:19 ESV

If you were of the world, the world would love you as its own; but because you are not of the world, but I chose you out of the world, therefore the world hates you.

Don’t give up against the flood and be swept away. Stand up for truth with the Lord in all things.  Don’t wander and call on Him in the tough times, but worship Him with your whole life.

Remember who you are and where you come from. For you are not a part of the world just because you are living in it. You are meant for more. Click To Tweet

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  1. Your last line is staying with me. You are meant for more. Visiting you from Mary Geisen;’s link up. laurensparks.net

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