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Calling Us Out of Our Wilderness

Settling in the wilderness of our contemporary living has brought comfort and compliance. We fulfill thirst in automation on the front of our refrigerators and hunger subsides at the push of a bottom on our microwaves. Our thoughts find comfort in bingeing on favorite mindless comedies. Aches and pains subside by pills from our mirrored cabinets.

When things are lacking, we punch our card numbers into computers. When bored in our wanderings, we look for likes and satisfying icons on social media. Lives seemed fulfilled in the middle of our age and time.

But what about the heart? What about satisfying relationships? Where is the love that fills the soul? The wilderness doesn’t look the same, but the need for fulfillment isn’t all that different. We are calling out, and although we think we find what we are looking for, our modern conveniences are only in disguise by the lie of complacency.

He said, “I am ‘The voice of one crying in the wilderness:

“Make straight the way of the LORD,” as the prophet Isaiah said.” John 1:23 NKJV

Are we really looking for a way out of mundane life? The heart thinks one thing, but it is crying out for a fulfillment that cannot be subdued by culture.

Can we actually be crying out in the wilderness, calling for people to prepare the way for the Lord? John called for us to move and be ready. We can open our hearts to do the same as he, and be mindful of the truth of the Gospel.

John the Baptist literally worked in the wilderness. But by calling out for people to be ready through repentance, he was preparing the people’s hearts to receive Jesus.  He wanted to nurture a faith in the promised Messiah. John was calling the people out of their wilderness and into the light of truth and love.

We are calling out, and although we think we find what we are looking for, our modern conveniences are only in disguise by the lie of complacency. Click To Tweet

In our wilderness wandering, are we ready to make way for the Lord’s return? We need to stand the watch, and make ready the way for Him.

5 thoughts on “Calling Us Out of Our Wilderness

  1. A perfect intro for moving into the study of John as he was the one who testified to the One for whom our souls cry out in the wilderness! Look forward to your devotionals!

  2. Mmm I really love this.

    There’s something to be said about the wilderness, right? About having a hunger or thirst in our souls- a hole that we can’t seem to fill. We can certainly get in trouble in the wilderness, in seeking the wrong things, but the journey toward salvation first starts with a longing. Great post,

  3. I want to be watching for the Lord more! Thank you for this beautiful devotional! ❤

  4. So true how we have been “numbing” ourselves and getting distracted by so many things! Love how you said our modern comforts are disguises for complacency. Thank you for encouraging me to find fulfilment in God.

  5. Absolutely! Watching for the Lord and being ready for him is so important and should move us to action. I recently heard a pastor say, “there is no such thing as stagnant in your walk with the Lord. If you aren’t moving forwards, then you are moving backwards”. I think that is so true and when we sit back in complacency instead of making the way for the Lord, we are actually going backwards.

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