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The Ten Minute Bible Journey- A Review on the New Book by Dale Mason


Do you have ten minutes? Get the big picture in those minutes with Dale Mason’s book The 10 Minute Bible Journey.  With quick and concise entries, Dale takes us from Creation to the Cross and beyond in just a few minutes a day.

A lot of people, including Christians, often get lost when questioned about the order of events in the Bible hence making skeptics question the credibility of God’s Word. Given the seamless flow and engaging writing, this complete walk-through of the Bible is written in chronological order strengthening our understanding of the events surrounding our faith. With the foreword by President and CEO of Answers in Genesis Ken Ham, we have a resource that can stand alone or complement any Bible study.

The 10 Minute Bible Journey contains devotional content and book summaries, primary passages, key verses, and a follow-on prayer in each chapter.  You will have a family devotional, personal study, or a discipleship tool that will take you through the entire Bible in just ten minutes a day.  The book also includes a 2 1/2 foot fold-out timeline that can be used as you walk through the history of the Christian faith.

You can find The 10 Minute Bible Journey and many other similar titles now at Master Books.

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