The Perfect Reward

The perfect reward is life eternal.

After that, does anything else truly matter?

Simple answer: yes. My friends, we can harp and complain all day long about people’s lack in faith, thinking over the simplicity we see in Christianity. We skip over the hurting, the doubting, and the blatant disbelief and scoff away at them. Our focus remains straight, we remain narrow, and we chose the easiest way on the widest road.

But let’s get back to the hurting, the doubting and the disbelief. We can’t just walk right on by unaffected and without thought as to how the Lord made those people in His image. Their reward may be the very same as ours but wrapped in a different package. Maybe we’re the ones who are suppose to be gift wrapping the beauty that these souls are missing.


For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ  Jesus our Lord.
Romans 6:23 NIV

This is good news, the perfect reward. Why would we want to hoard this behind our gated paths? This is when we need to go out, change hearts, shake up nations, and break chains.

Life is really a breeze for the majority. We live lives of ease. We don’t really see the hardships through our western glasses or the needs of the masses. Break these chains of comfort and step out.

Your path can remain clear of thorns and bristles, but the path to life can take turns and allow for breaks in paved trail. The reward includes those you share this gift with. Life eternal. Extend this forward, and hang on to the hand the reaches for it.


6 thoughts on “The Perfect Reward

  1. Yes! We have so much and our ‘western glasses’ are pretty myopic, aren’t they? Thank you for the reminder to see beyond my comfort.

  2. “Life eternal. Extend this forward, and hang on to the hand the reaches for it.”
    I think if everyone really understood the beauty of life eternal, more would be reaching for it. It is indeed the ultimate gift. Thanks for sharing.

  3. The world and those around us are hurting in so many ways. We need to have our hearts moved and extend our hands to show them Jesus. He is the only hope we have and they need. Blessings!

  4. Thanks for this encouragement. It’s true, the reward we have in Jesus is so great that we have to be willing to step out of our comfort zones to tell others so they can share in it too.

  5. I have been guilty of living my comfortable life but God has been opening my heart to sharing Him with others. Oh boy does it make me nervous but you’re right. How can we keep it to ourselves? We should want as many as possible to join in the eternal reward with Christ! Thank you for this reminder Maryann! I’m your #fmf neighbor today, Cindy

    1. And thank you for always encouraging me. Being out of my comfort zone on a short term missions trip has really opened my eyes to what the Lord asks of us. Starting with extending this gift seems to be the right step for me right now.

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