31 Days of Five Minute Free Writes, Devotionals, Prayer

A Common Prayer

As a small child, I knelt at the pew. I never bowed my head but stared up at the giant cross above the priest’s head. His repetitive prayers went on and on as I focused on the large wooden carving that shadowed us all. If I found my place back in that pew these day,… Read More A Common Prayer

Devotionals, Five Minute Friday, Prayer

The Lord’s Prayer: A Guide to Communion

Kneeling at the foot of my grandmother’s bed, we crossed our hearts, and bowed our heads to witness each other in prayer. Our hearts became whole as our words took flight to Heaven where the Lord awaited to hear from His children. I knew the words. I said them without a thought. I didn’t know… Read More The Lord’s Prayer: A Guide to Communion