Our Constant Companion

Sometimes life feels lonely.  We strive to surround ourselves with people yet walk a path of solitude so many times.  There is often a lack of understanding or experience. There is even sometimes a comparison game that only pushes us further away. Placing our cups before man can only fill us so much and for… Read More Our Constant Companion


His Gifts Are Perfect

It’s November. This is often the time of year that we reflect back on the things that we are thankful for. We often have a mile long list of attitudes, people, material things and even opportunities we send up gratitude for. We write them across social media and hand notes on our children’s artwork. Day… Read More His Gifts Are Perfect

Devotionals, Five Minute Friday

Repeat Thankfulness

Time to set into the motion the seasons of gratitude and advent. Preparing for a repeat of thankful and expectant hearts all the while making new memories, new chances of hospitality and new attitudes. How do we cling to the memory making traditions and create new mindfulness? Repeat. Just set our lives in motion, in… Read More Repeat Thankfulness