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Pushing Past the Memories of Old

I tried to figure out where to start. Do I dare go back to the time I hung upside down in my closet on a regular basis as a four year old trying to escape the strife outside of my bedroom? How about the time I stepped outside into the 2am darkness when I was… Read More Pushing Past the Memories of Old


Facing Life as a Challenge

You have been challenged… …to life… and… go! Life is certainly a challenge for me, for you, and for all of mankind. Even the flora and fauna get a piece of the challenge along the way. Sometimes we even have the mindset of being born to die, so just go with the challenges and try… Read More Facing Life as a Challenge

Testimonies of Faith, Testimony

Share Your Testimony

Testimony. Evidence. Our evidence. Who we are, what we’ve done, where we came from, when we did all that we’ve done and said all the things we’ve said, and how all of the aforementioned came to be. Some have big shining moments in life. They make big statements, write loud books, and step out on… Read More Share Your Testimony