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While I Wait: Seeking Rest

While I wait, I have been pacing, sleeping, procrastinating, and making excuses. I am not even sure what I have been waiting for. Maybe it is to feel better physically and I have procrastinated in professional help until recently. Maybe I am waiting for the year to end to seek out rest and joy in… Read More While I Wait: Seeking Rest

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Seek True Rest

I’ve been going at a slower pace lately. But something I’ve learned in these new steps in life, if you’re not resting as you slow down, you’re not accomplishing the goal of replenishment. Thinking that when you’re in transition that you are afforded you down time and don’t replace busyness with resting in God’s presence,… Read More Seek True Rest


Waiting For Sunday

I have been waiting for Sunday all week. A day off to fellowship, worship, learn and nap in the afternoon light is right around the corner. Rest, a touch of love from God as He tends to our needs. What happens when we don’t find that fellowship following us out those double doors or the… Read More Waiting For Sunday