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Keeping Sin Out of Your Anger

Life is hard. People are harder. Conflict is around every bend, and anger follows us as a shadow to the past. Something that we long to forget seems to lurk in the corners of our minds, not letting us move up and on. The punishment of ill choices in actions, relationships, words and staleness seems… Read More Keeping Sin Out of Your Anger

31 Days of Biblical Truths, Devotionals, Read Your Bible

Open His Word

The big book sat hidden. At the bottom of the drawer with the delicate lace garments, the white cover was protected and always dust free. The stiff pages sat between stiffer binding. The heirloom left untouched, smelt like years of mothballs. I knew where it was hidden. Occasionally I broke open the drawer. When I… Read More Open His Word

31 Days of Biblical Truths, Devotionals

Who Do You Seek First?

“I would like to phone a friend.” Hello, Mom, I need… Hey, Dad, can you… What’s up, Friend? Would you… Advice, provision, a shoulder to cry on, moral support, pity-party partner, and the like follows these calls. Looking for peace of mind, you text your person, rant on social media, and web search for answers… Read More Who Do You Seek First?