Back to Basics: A Reminder of Why We Have Faith

Suppose there was no Valentine’s Day. Would we understand the concept of love without a Hallmark holiday of candy hearts and flower scented homes? Love would still penetrate through weddings and births, but would one less day of loving one another create a vacuum into an abyss of loveless-ness or stale feelings in the card… Read More Back to Basics: A Reminder of Why We Have Faith

Devotionals, Five Minute Friday

So Be It, Amen

Think about that one word that holds the most power for you. We could give the standard Miss America answer and go with, “(World) Peace.”  World peace is an awe-inspiring thought, but if it were attainable by men, we wouldn’t need a savior, a faith in any higher being or even hope. Man would have… Read More So Be It, Amen

Advent Devotionals, Devotionals

Grace Lies Here

Grace does a lot.  It forgives a child for stealing a cookie before dinner and disciplines a teenager who stayed out too late. Grace forgives a spouse’s forgetfulness and allows a car to pass when it doesn’t have the right of way. Grace covers the big stuff, too. Grace forgives lies, hurts, and betrayal. Grace… Read More Grace Lies Here