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Endure in Faith: Renew Your Heart

We’re living in a pandemic. I don’t speak about a crisis of health, but of a pandemic of self-righteous attitudes and misplaced faith is what we have found ourselves in. In times past, catastrophes has placed us on our knees, sent us through the doors of worship, and had us cracking open our Bibles. People… Read More Endure in Faith: Renew Your Heart

Christian Living

Sharing Life With You: Looking For Answers

Something Loved What do you love? A lot of us would have a very easy list to tick off: husband, children, church, job, home, country, God… I’m in a place where life is a bit difficult for the time being. I would love my husband and children despite any storms we face, but my love… Read More Sharing Life With You: Looking For Answers

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Fighting For Life Upstream

Have you ever been scoffed at for your faith? You stand up for truth. You pray for justice and mercy. Bible study is always important. Time alone with God is always first. Husband, children, and church are priorities. Fellowship, theology and doctrine are significant in your life. But aside from all things faith based, you… Read More Fighting For Life Upstream