Rejoice Even in The Darkness

Darkness is all around us.  A season of winter and rest finds us waking to the stars in the morning and dining by the same at night. Hours upon darkness and cold leaves us tired and weary. Reprieve by sunlight and warmth is a long ways off and hope seems really far down in the… Read More Rejoice Even in The Darkness


Our Constant Companion

Sometimes life feels lonely.  We strive to surround ourselves with people yet walk a path of solitude so many times.  There is often a lack of understanding or experience. There is even sometimes a comparison game that only pushes us further away. Placing our cups before man can only fill us so much and for… Read More Our Constant Companion

Advent Devotionals, Devotionals

Grace Lies Here

Grace does a lot.  It forgives a child for stealing a cookie before dinner and disciplines a teenager who stayed out too late. Grace forgives a spouse’s forgetfulness and allows a car to pass when it doesn’t have the right of way. Grace covers the big stuff, too. Grace forgives lies, hurts, and betrayal. Grace… Read More Grace Lies Here