31 Days of Five Minute Free Writes, Christian Living

Where Will You Find Wisdom?

Practice what you preach. We should indeed do so. In a world with skewed thoughts on Christianity and false gospels around every corner, we must be careful to test the spirits and educate ourselves on true faith. In a world of hostility towards our faith, we must be battle ready and approved workers. No so… Read More Where Will You Find Wisdom?

31 Days of Biblical Truths, Devotionals

31 Days of Biblical Truths

Let’s put a pin it. Ever hear that phrase? I recall it from some silly movie. Pinning a thought, a remark, or an idea as a reminder that was really never revisited. We may forget or dismiss ideas when measured against grander, more famous thinkers in order to keep our proper place on the sidelines… Read More 31 Days of Biblical Truths


Stop Looking Back

Take Me Back…. sounds like a love song gone wrong or a plea to rot on a beach somewhere. Moving forward is hard. Not only some times, but a lot of times. Disappointment, hurt, tragedy, major changes, and all the messes in between hold us to a point that is reluctant to let us move… Read More Stop Looking Back