Stop Looking Back

Take Me Back…. sounds like a love song gone wrong or a plea to rot on a beach somewhere. Moving forward is hard. Not only some times, but a lot of times. Disappointment, hurt, tragedy, major changes, and all the messes in between hold us to a point that is reluctant to let us move… Read More Stop Looking Back

Compassion International

Stories of Compassion: Ecuador’s 100,000th Child

Ecuador’s 100,000th Child Dominic is a charismatic four-year old boy and officially the 100,000th child in the Compassion Ecuador program! Thanks to his sponsors generosity, little Dominic is able to escape the grasp of debilitating poverty and grow up to be whoever he wants to be.   Each week, Dominic dreams up a new career.… Read More Stories of Compassion: Ecuador’s 100,000th Child

Devotionals, Mini-Devotionals

The Only Name That Matters

What is in a name? Sounds like Shakespeare was here. His philosophies lost on the Word of God with all of its love songs, laments and truths. But what about our names, are they lost, forgotten, gathered close, or of no consequence? I am almost sure that there may be a person or five who… Read More The Only Name That Matters