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No More Searching for the Lord Has Come

He’s been there from the beginning. Our Strong Creator God was forming earth, sky, and sea with all of us in mind. We weren’t made from a whim of boredom, but for community and worship. It was when we went off seeking selfish ways that we fell away from communion. We wanted more, and to… Read More No More Searching for the Lord Has Come

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Five Verses of Faith

I have been writing with Five Minute Friday community for nearly two years as they celebrate their five year anniversary. I can say that I have learned a lot and met many wonderful online friends over these years. Networking, learning and growing in my niche has eased my frustration over the comparison trap I sometimes… Read More Five Verses of Faith

Devotionals, Five Minute Friday

Practice Rest

Practice makes perfect, right? We practice giving. We practice sports. We practice crafting. We practice school. We practice deals and speeches and how to sell our trade. We practice hospitality. We practice faith. What if we have nothing left in our season to give and we fall out of practice? A soccer ball won’t loose… Read More Practice Rest