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Let Our True Focus Be to Abide in the Lord

Looking for direction? Welcome to the New Year, a time that everyone is looking for that same new direction. How will you make yours look different than everyone else’s? We could start off with motivational speakers to coach us into feeling good about who and what we are. A good step would be to make… Read More Let Our True Focus Be to Abide in the Lord


Waiting in Advent Every Day

The hero of our forefather’s story is our same hero. “The purpose of Jesus was the purpose  of God. He didn’t send his Son to introduce a new religion but fulfill the deepest needs and richest promises  of an ancient one,” Russ Ramsey, The Advent of the Lamb of God. The hero that our mother… Read More Waiting in Advent Every Day

Five Minute Friday

New Year’s Motto: Motivation

Motivation. We could all use some. It is preached to our children. We embrace the thought. Do we follow through? My Five Minute Friday post comes from a New Year’s motto for all ages: Motivation. I admit it, I did not make a New Year’s resolution. I wanted to but I always fall short and… Read More New Year’s Motto: Motivation