Belgium: A Mission Field

Missions to Belgium has been an experience that I didn’t quite expect. A lot of thoughts have been put into processing through this recent trip. I would like to direct you to a few videos I have linked at the bottom talking about Belgium being a missions field. I have gotten some criticism about Europe… Read More Belgium: A Mission Field


The Measure of Humility

Have  you ever felt so small that your life seems like a particle of dust awaiting for the dust pan to stick you in the trash and never be a thought again? That was me. It is me. You would think that flying above the earth looking like a bird to behold from below would… Read More The Measure of Humility


God Goes With Us

The Mighty One, God the Lord,     speaks and summons the earth     from the rising of the sun to its setting Psalm 50:1 ESV The God who sends us out, is the God of the whole earth, the whole universe. His majesty and power is over all things. He declares it all. We represent Him and need… Read More God Goes With Us