Christian Living

True North, A Change of Watch

Have  you ever had a moment in time when you knew change was coming, yet as you go through all the pomp and circumstance, and maybe a few tears, your life feels exactly the same? You celebrate, fellowship, run around preparing for the big moment, and stress until you feel the shakes, but the need… Read More True North, A Change of Watch


Taking a Moment to Reflect

Life is often hectic. A whirlwind of deadlines, appointments, dinner dates, and homework often dashes in and out on a daily basis. Time for coffee, exercise, and prayer is sidelined when our phones are glued to our hands with texts from the circle of busyness and agendas are ingrained into our thinking. We never take… Read More Taking a Moment to Reflect

Life's Big Events

Rooted in New Opportunity

Opportunity is coming. Packing boxes, movers tallying, messes to be cleaned, and paperwork to be stored in locked spaces is all on the menu. Flight across the blue expanse of ocean, canyons of grandeur below, passing cities and new runways to skit across are soon to behold. New state, new house, new church, new friends,… Read More Rooted in New Opportunity