31 Days of Biblical Truths, Devotionals

Take Time to Notice the Lord

Do you ever take the time to breathe? Faster than the speed of life, we are moving to cram as much memories and stuff into our eighty-plus years to create a legacy of awesomeness.  We often forget to take a moment to breathe. Many blog posts, articles, books, and podcasts all address the importance of… Read More Take Time to Notice the Lord


Extend Mercy

We were meant to do well. God’s people have fallen far away. We were meant to flourish and thrive, but our waywardness causes us to stumble down a slippery slope of sinful ease. The enchantment of the world seems too great at times. How do we recover and get back to the place that God… Read More Extend Mercy


Rest in the Lamb

A night like all others, sleep evades me. I toss, I turn, I change pillows, and I cover myself in sleepy essential oils. Sometimes the sleep comes, and most of the time it’s a rocky relationship. Lately I have been wandering through my day in a fog or with aches throughout. Coffee keeps me adrift… Read More Rest in the Lamb