31 Days of Biblical Truths, Devotionals

Who Do You Seek First?

“I would like to phone a friend.” Hello, Mom, I need… Hey, Dad, can you… What’s up, Friend? Would you… Advice, provision, a shoulder to cry on, moral support, pity-party partner, and the like follows these calls. Looking for peace of mind, you text your person, rant on social media, and web search for answers… Read More Who Do You Seek First?

Devotionals, Sabbath

Seek True Rest

I’ve been going at a slower pace lately. But something I’ve learned in these new steps in life, if you’re not resting as you slow down, you’re not accomplishing the goal of replenishment. Thinking that when you’re in transition that you are afforded you down time and don’t replace busyness with resting in God’s presence,… Read More Seek True Rest

Devotionals, Five Minute Friday

No Longer a Castaway

A story of a young man at sea takes us to a lonely place of grey skies and darkened waves. He feels adrift, never knowing where he is going. The compass steers the crew, but his heart looks elsewhere. Longing for home and a place to rest his weary head, he can barely imagine a… Read More No Longer a Castaway