Advent, Advent Devotionals

Finding Joy Under The Lord’s Care

Christmas 2002, a lonely day. Coming home from an unexpected underway, my husband met a very pregnant wife, a scrawny Christmas tree, and dinner plans that were lacking. It was a day for pajamas and movies. We won’t mention that I didn’t fit into much else anyway. Missing home and family, we spent our time… Read More Finding Joy Under The Lord’s Care

31 Days of Biblical Truths, Devotionals

Finding True Joy In Our Christian Walk

Some people have it easy. Joy, laughter, ease of mind, full pockets, fat bellies, hordes of friends, and a happy schedule fill the lives of many. As by-standers, jealousy creeps in when we see this fullness of life that has seemingly been gifted to the non-believers. Happiness has poured over the scoffers, the disillusioned, and… Read More Finding True Joy In Our Christian Walk


Turn Your Focus to Him

What is your focus? In our day and age, we can become so fixated with walking on eggshells or, by extremes, how to be the loudest despite our lack of righteousness. We’re not only running a race, we’re running a perpetual marathon of right, wrong, left, moderate, but always leaning towards popularity instead of truth.… Read More Turn Your Focus to Him