Turn Your Focus to Him

What is your focus? In our day and age, we can become so fixated with walking on eggshells or, by extremes, how to be the loudest despite our lack of righteousness. We’re not only running a race, we’re running a perpetual marathon of right, wrong, left, moderate, but always leaning towards popularity instead of truth.… Read More Turn Your Focus to Him

31 Days of Five Minute Free Writes, Devotionals

Magnify the Lord in All Things

Feeling down and out sometimes accompanies a Christian’s spirit when dealing with defeat or hard times knocking at the door. We look for ways out instead of seeking answers through prayer or guidance. Fixing things our own way seems to be what we lean towards, but when there’s no remedy in sight, we are tempted… Read More Magnify the Lord in All Things


Lent and Mockery

People seem to think that we live in a day and age that Christians can go about their daily lives and can worship God whenever and wherever they choose without being mocked by their fellow-man.  People seem to think that the only persecution happening today is in the Middle East and parts of Africa where extreme atrocities… Read More Lent and Mockery