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Anniversary: A Time to Reflect

What do you get with eighteen years and counting? An anniversary to reflect back upon and years to look ahead to is the answer. You also get to think about the action-adventure comedic romance that comes along with being a homeschooling military wife. I could almost sing about our eighteen years of married life and… Read More Anniversary: A Time to Reflect


Through Our Father’s Eyes

Pictures can only see the physical properties of your body. The wrinkles, and extra weight shine through a photograph that your eyes discern as flaws and misconstrued ideals. Beauty seems to be fleeting in your mind’s eye, yet God’s thoughts are so much higher than our own. He can see the inner workings of our… Read More Through Our Father’s Eyes

Blogging Through the Bible, Devotionals

The Epitome of Love

When you see John 3:16, do you fall into the same stance as I? The epitome of the entire mission of God: Love. God so LOVED the world (the entire thing: you, me, creatures, and the rest) that He gave His ONE and ONLY SON, that whoever believes in HIM, shall not perish but have… Read More The Epitome of Love