Scripture Reading

Verses of Affirmation

We live in troubling times. Modern cultural thoughts and liberties have thrown our society into spiraling turmoil. Popular thoughts have seeped into our Christian morals and we have left little room to follow the commission that Christ set our for us to do. We feel doubt, confusion, and tend to rethink what the Spirit originally… Read More Verses of Affirmation


Waiting For Sunday

I have been waiting for Sunday all week. A day off to fellowship, worship, learn and nap in the afternoon light is right around the corner. Rest, a touch of love from God as He tends to our needs. What happens when we don’t find that fellowship following us out those double doors or the… Read More Waiting For Sunday


Planted in the Lord

Sometimes I feel like a foreigner in a strange land. I am an island in a sea of disconnection. A drift from the crowd, I am a bird soaring over a confusing terrain. I have no place that I truly belong. I corral my little tribe, and serve my husband faithfully. We build each other… Read More Planted in the Lord