Scripture Reading

Verses of Affirmation

We live in troubling times. Modern cultural thoughts and liberties have thrown our society into spiraling turmoil. Popular thoughts have seeped into our Christian morals and we have left little room to follow the commission that Christ set our for us to do. We feel doubt, confusion, and tend to rethink what the Spirit originally… Read More Verses of Affirmation


Justice Will Come

It’s just another day out of paradise. As we walk further from the garden and into a darkened world of our own creation, we allow the father of lies to wreak havoc at every turn. We have fallen and keep tumbling. Fear drives people to self-righteous attitudes and misconstrued beliefs. They don’t like a lecture… Read More Justice Will Come


Contrite in Our Brokenness

My body mourns with brokenness. My head hurts as I try to fill the exhaustion with warm caffeine upon waking. My heart hurts as I see my children struggle to understand the world. My body hurts as my husband faces trials and frustrations. My soul aches when injustice is blamed on the Lord who has… Read More Contrite in Our Brokenness