31 Days of Biblical Truths, Devotionals

Stand Steadfast in The Shadow of The Mountain

You stand in trepidation. Teetering with one foot on the ground and the other hovering over the mountain. You question your ability to conquer the unknown battle ahead. The bottom of the mountain is always the most daunting part. From the distance, the range looks appealing and beautiful. But as you stand ready to move… Read More Stand Steadfast in The Shadow of The Mountain

Bible Study, Devotionals

The God Who Remembers

Hannah was barren. She wasn’t our first heart-broken sister nor was she our last. Women of faith caught in a motherhood and legacy trap spread across all time and cultures. We are met with defiance by the world when we don’t produce, don’t share life with offspring, and leave our families and husbands disappointed. Depression… Read More The God Who Remembers


The Lord Will Right Our Hearts

Stuck in a rut? Maybe you’re stuck in a pit? Hopeless bound and weighted down, you are grabbing at anything to get pulled out. You’re tired, weary, and just done with this life’s bombardment of disappointments, expectations, defeats, politics, and captivity to society’s manipulative mindset. But with all things, and throughout all times, the Lord… Read More The Lord Will Right Our Hearts