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Fighting For Life Upstream

Have you ever been scoffed at for your faith? You stand up for truth. You pray for justice and mercy. Bible study is always important. Time alone with God is always first. Husband, children, and church are priorities. Fellowship, theology and doctrine are significant in your life. But aside from all things faith based, you… Read More Fighting For Life Upstream

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Keep Peace, Hope, Joy and Love Unwrapped All Year

Peace. Hope. Joy. Love. The words that fall into a season of light, but should be carried with all year long are just about to flee as the clock turns to a new season of resolutions and bullet-points to check off in 365 days. Peace came and went with the wrappings. Hope flew out the… Read More Keep Peace, Hope, Joy and Love Unwrapped All Year

Devotionals, Five Minute Friday

Seek Light in the Darkness

It was August 1st in Florida. A new adventure was at hand. 8:30pm hit hard after a cross-ocean, cross-continent flight from Hawaii. Sleepiness was pulling us all down, but my seven year old still seemed to have some charge left in his batteries. “But, Mommy, it’s still light out. It’s not bed time.” I pointed… Read More Seek Light in the Darkness