31 Days of Biblical Truths, Devotionals

Take Time to Notice the Lord

Do you ever take the time to breathe? Faster than the speed of life, we are moving to cram as much memories and stuff into our eighty-plus years to create a legacy of awesomeness.  We often forget to take a moment to breathe. Many blog posts, articles, books, and podcasts all address the importance of… Read More Take Time to Notice the Lord


Humility and Grace

Grace is offered. It was paid for with a high price that never depreciates in value. Inflation doesn’t exist with this free gift and there are many perks. Freedom, liberty, and peace are some things to tag on to grace. Grace moves us forward to conquer fears, failures, and doubts. Grace forgives, forgets and creates… Read More Humility and Grace

Advent Devotionals, Devotionals

Grace Lies Here

Grace does a lot.  It forgives a child for stealing a cookie before dinner and disciplines a teenager who stayed out too late. Grace forgives a spouse’s forgetfulness and allows a car to pass when it doesn’t have the right of way. Grace covers the big stuff, too. Grace forgives lies, hurts, and betrayal. Grace… Read More Grace Lies Here