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Fighting For Life Upstream

Have you ever been scoffed at for your faith? You stand up for truth. You pray for justice and mercy. Bible study is always important. Time alone with God is always first. Husband, children, and church are priorities. Fellowship, theology and doctrine are significant in your life. But aside from all things faith based, you… Read More Fighting For Life Upstream


A Mission For Change: Picking Up the Broken Pieces

Try as we might, the picture of the world doesn’t look like what God intended at creation. He gave us charge over the animals, the land, and told us to be fruitful. The last phase before rest, He declared all of it to be “very good.” We, His beautiful people, were splendid and He was… Read More A Mission For Change: Picking Up the Broken Pieces


Back to The Garden

It all started in the garden. Full-circle, the Lord came back to pray. “Did God really say that?” Seriously, the serpent spoke, which was suspicious in and of itself, but then accused Eve of misleading words. “Yes, my God did say that,” she responded, but was her voice wavering more on the side of questioning… Read More Back to The Garden