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A Virtuous People: The Lost Art of Patience in Suffering

We live in a culture that wants things now. Everything is instantly at our finger tips. Virtual reality has become a basic reality. However, in this virtual life of ours, most virtues have been lost. The virtue of patience seems to be long gone, even for devout believers in Christ. This lost patience almost looks… Read More A Virtuous People: The Lost Art of Patience in Suffering


Justice Will Come

It’s just another day out of paradise. As we walk further from the garden and into a darkened world of our own creation, we allow the father of lies to wreak havoc at every turn. We have fallen and keep tumbling. Fear drives people to self-righteous attitudes and misconstrued beliefs. They don’t like a lecture… Read More Justice Will Come


Turn Your Focus to Him

What is your focus? In our day and age, we can become so fixated with walking on eggshells or, by extremes, how to be the loudest despite our lack of righteousness. We’re not only running a race, we’re running a perpetual marathon of right, wrong, left, moderate, but always leaning towards popularity instead of truth.… Read More Turn Your Focus to Him