Confidence in the Lord

Confidence, it’s something that I wish I had. Butterflies flare up when I stand up front. My shoulders tense up in pain when mama bear wants to rip out. Tears flow when someone offends me. Knees jerk in response to injustice. And through all of the physical reactions, a blubbering fool comes out of my… Read More Confidence in the Lord

Devotionals, Five Minute Friday

Build on the Cornerstone

Build. Relationships, life, career, homes, and families, they are all being built, molded, depleted, and struck down.  A perpetual circle of hope, misgivings, disappointments, and momentum that gives life and tears down love. When will we learn to follow the true carpenter? When will we learn that He is more than a hammer and nails. … Read More Build on the Cornerstone


Planted in the Lord

Sometimes I feel like a foreigner in a strange land. I am an island in a sea of disconnection. A drift from the crowd, I am a bird soaring over a confusing terrain. I have no place that I truly belong. I corral my little tribe, and serve my husband faithfully. We build each other… Read More Planted in the Lord