Advent Devotionals, Devotionals

The Stillness That Awaits

Still, still, still… I can think of that tune as I reach a point in our holiday season where I need to settle myself.  As I look toward a few more hectic days in this crazy life of mine, I like to see a rest coming, a stillness of sorts. Will a peaceful night come… Read More The Stillness That Awaits

Devotionals, Five Minute Friday

Searching for Balance

Today’s Five Minute Friday post doesn’t come with a lot of fancy graphics or pretty Scripture cards.  Today’s post comes with a lot of exhaustion. From health problems and doctor appointments, broken hearing and broken legs to a husband who is missing out on most of the holiday season and homeschool responsibilities, and then add… Read More Searching for Balance

Devotionals, Five Minute Friday

So Be It, Amen

Think about that one word that holds the most power for you. We could give the standard Miss America answer and go with, “(World) Peace.”  World peace is an awe-inspiring thought, but if it were attainable by men, we wouldn’t need a savior, a faith in any higher being or even hope. Man would have… Read More So Be It, Amen