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Peace: A Place For True Seekers

People have been living in fear for far too long. The concept of unease or despair has been ever spiraling since the dawn of sin. It has kept humankind going against the joy of the heart that was original to man before offense set in. Have we noticed how much peace and joy have been… Read More Peace: A Place For True Seekers

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Hope Remains

This year Easter will look a bit different. You may have never seen anything quite like it. Churches will be empty. Our Sunday best and bonnets will gather dust in the closet. Dinner parties are canceled and egg hunts have been dismissed. Virtual praise and worship will fill our homes. A digital pastor will call… Read More Hope Remains

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Stand Steadfast in The Shadow of The Mountain

You stand in trepidation. Teetering with one foot on the ground and the other hovering over the mountain. You question your ability to conquer the unknown battle ahead. The bottom of the mountain is always the most daunting part. From the distance, the range looks appealing and beautiful. But as you stand ready to move… Read More Stand Steadfast in The Shadow of The Mountain