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Fighting Perpetual Winter: Christian, Stand Firm

Winter is gone yet there’s a chill in the air. So much turmoil has come to us as a people. We are stuck inside of fights of right verses wrong. People stand for truth but falter in the face of ease, popularity and excuses. Those who stand firm have heaps of spewed hatred piled upon… Read More Fighting Perpetual Winter: Christian, Stand Firm


Planted in the Lord

Sometimes I feel like a foreigner in a strange land. I am an island in a sea of disconnection. A drift from the crowd, I am a bird soaring over a confusing terrain. I have no place that I truly belong. I corral my little tribe, and serve my husband faithfully. We build each other… Read More Planted in the Lord


Back to The Garden

It all started in the garden. Full-circle, the Lord came back to pray. “Did God really say that?” Seriously, the serpent spoke, which was suspicious in and of itself, but then accused Eve of misleading words. “Yes, my God did say that,” she responded, but was her voice wavering more on the side of questioning… Read More Back to The Garden