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Important: Keeping Faith

This fallen world is ill-focused. We shed light on what is important to the lustful darkness over the truth of what eternity looks like for our souls. Our lives should reflect what is important to our worldview, not to the twisted version of popularity inside that view. So, then, what is important to us, Christian?… Read More Important: Keeping Faith

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Seeking God’s Voice: Do You Hear His Whisper?

I haven’t been writing much. Discouragement has been knocking on my door in many fashions and distractions of life, ministry and priorities push my words to the wayside. But my words, they are important. My words can insight life changes. My words lift and speak truth. And my words, they also cause thoughts of anger… Read More Seeking God’s Voice: Do You Hear His Whisper?

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Endure in Faith: Renew Your Heart

We’re living in a pandemic. I don’t speak about a crisis of health, but of a pandemic of self-righteous attitudes and misplaced faith is what we have found ourselves in. In times past, catastrophes has placed us on our knees, sent us through the doors of worship, and had us cracking open our Bibles. People… Read More Endure in Faith: Renew Your Heart