31 Days of Five Minute Free Writes, World Wide Web Missions

Inspired For Missions

I have scoffed at the calling to missions abroad for a few years. I read a book last year that declared that the Bible demands us to make disciples of all nations by leaving our very own country and speak to those elsewhere. The author scoffed and scolded those of us who have no umph… Read More Inspired For Missions

Fair Trade

Fair Trade Coffee

Monocacy Coffee Co. is a little coffee company based out of Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.  They specialize in Fair Trader Coffee and have a few prime choices on their website  at Monocacy Coffee Co.   The one we are most excited about is Ethiopia Harar Longberry Gr. 1.  The coffee production in Harar is down about 40% in 2016-2017… Read More Fair Trade Coffee


My Journey to Empower the Impoverished Through Fair Trade

Recent events in this great country of ours have motivated me, more out of love than anger (but a little bit out of anger) to look at our population of women and girls to see where the need was. Did they need education, motivation, health care, mentorship, faith, a common bond, what? I have to… Read More My Journey to Empower the Impoverished Through Fair Trade