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Seeking Prudence Over False Experience

What does experience get you? In faith, people focus on experiences with God. People look at what the Spirit makes them feel, what they think the Spirit propels them to do, and what outcome they believe was through these actions caused them to look like. Feelings… experience. Then they want more. Feelings matter and create… Read More Seeking Prudence Over False Experience

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Moving Past Crass Attitudes

Sacrifice.  Think about it. Write about it. Be about it. Always live in the Biblical principle that we need to follow: God did this while we were so very undeserving, so we must follow the example. Easier said than done despite us fully relying on the Word of God to be true and banking on… Read More Moving Past Crass Attitudes

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Put on The Joy of The Lord

I like my coffee strong. No mild roast comes in these doors. No light colored brew hits my cup. Darkness all around with a splash of almond milk and a sprinkle of sweetener, and I am ready to take on the morning. …but I am not really ready to take on the morning, nor even… Read More Put on The Joy of The Lord