A Love Unlike Any Other

The Father’s love is like no other. His love goes deeper than the greatest trenches of the seas, and further than the universe extends. His love surpasses time and space. A love like nothing we could fathom, His grace pours down upon moments after moments. The Lord’s love reaches into history and propels into the… Read More A Love Unlike Any Other

31 Days of Five Minute Free Writes, Devotionals, Love and Marriage

Completed in Him

You complete me. It’s that famous movie line from some movie that is just not famous enough for me to remember. He makes you whole. She defines my being. We go together like peanut butter and jelly. We are the infinity tattooed on our arms. Completeness is found as we tie the knot with our… Read More Completed in Him

Devotionals, Five Minute Friday

Searching For True Potential

I am a grown women who is seeking out her potential. Can you relate? Top of my high school class, college graduate, wife and mother but still, sometimes I don’t see the purpose in all the heartaches, fears, and trials in my life. I wonder when the refining will end and the shiny creation will… Read More Searching For True Potential