A Love Unlike Any Other

The Father’s love is like no other. His love goes deeper than the greatest trenches of the seas, and further than the universe extends. His love surpasses time and space. A love like nothing we could fathom, His grace pours down upon moments after moments. The Lord’s love reaches into history and propels into the… Read More A Love Unlike Any Other

Advent Devotionals, Devotionals

Grace Lies Here

Grace does a lot.  It forgives a child for stealing a cookie before dinner and disciplines a teenager who stayed out too late. Grace forgives a spouse’s forgetfulness and allows a car to pass when it doesn’t have the right of way. Grace covers the big stuff, too. Grace forgives lies, hurts, and betrayal. Grace… Read More Grace Lies Here


No More Comparison Game, Just Love the Lord

We often get caught in a comparison trap. Who has it all together more than the next person?  Loosing sleep multiple nights, I obsess over the many lists for the next day and week ahead.  Coffee, quiet time, messages, workout and breakfast before the children even rise. Then cram in school, chores, appointments, errands, and… Read More No More Comparison Game, Just Love the Lord