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Mid-Summer Reset: Pushing Past the Lazy Days of Summer

The lazy days of summer are upon us. Heat-indexed days, tall glasses of iced tea in the shade of the willow tree, and storm watching have been on the forefront of our thoughts lately. As we long for waves to lap at our feet and a trip inside the cooled shopping mall, we lose focus… Read More Mid-Summer Reset: Pushing Past the Lazy Days of Summer


Distant, Not Dismissive

Distant. That’s the way of the Christian life at times. The feeling of being distant from non-believers, marginal Christians, family, and friends seeps into our beings as we feel adrift in the culture that we live in. 6am coffee on a mid-summer morning brings little comfort as the birds chirp in hope that a reprieve… Read More Distant, Not Dismissive

Devotionals, Five Minute Friday

No Longer a Castaway

A story of a young man at sea takes us to a lonely place of grey skies and darkened waves. He feels adrift, never knowing where he is going. The compass steers the crew, but his heart looks elsewhere. Longing for home and a place to rest his weary head, he can barely imagine a… Read More No Longer a Castaway