The Lord Will Right Our Hearts

Stuck in a rut? Maybe you’re stuck in a pit? Hopeless bound and weighted down, you are grabbing at anything to get pulled out. You’re tired, weary, and just done with this life’s bombardment of disappointments, expectations, defeats, politics, and captivity to society’s manipulative mindset. But with all things, and throughout all times, the Lord… Read More The Lord Will Right Our Hearts


Stuck in the Middle With Jesus

In transition… That’s where I keep telling myself I am. I’m in transition in marriage as we near twenty years. I’m near a transition in motherhood as one child has college on her mind while our baby steps into the 2nd grade. I’m transitioning from a tiny island in the Pacific Ocean to a humid… Read More Stuck in the Middle With Jesus

Devotionals, Missions

Are You Willing to Go?

Are you willing to go, to do, and to step out of all that you have known? It’s not always a big booming voice. Sometimes it’s a conviction, something you’ve read, an answered prayer, or a testimony in fellowship. When called, how often do you scoff at the thought and aren’t willing to budge outside… Read More Are You Willing to Go?