31 Days of Biblical Truths, Devotionals

Worship God With Your Whole Life

The road is not clear. You’ve wandered, fought, settled, and been defeated. The battle continues as you put confidence in idols: good vibes, friend’s opinions, social media standards, and personal experiences. You want to be like everyone else and only call on your faith as a lucky charm when faced with extremes. Pulling out that… Read More Worship God With Your Whole Life


Reject the Grumbling, Accept the Life Giving Water

Imagine the desert: sandy, hot, and without a reprieve from the harshness of it all. Wandering and defeated by thirst, people grumbled. They tried to complain themselves out of a situation they began to hate. They would rather return to oppression than face another day of dry lips and sunburnt lives. “These people won’t stop… Read More Reject the Grumbling, Accept the Life Giving Water

Devotionals, Five Minute Friday

The Door to Inclusion

Last man standing. I suppose it could be a good thing or possibly something bad. You are lined up with your peers. Red team, blue team, I choose you but not him. The game of kick ball no longer looks like fun when you’re the last one picked. The music stops. You run and run… Read More The Door to Inclusion