Blogging Through the Bible, Devotionals

God’s Love is Always There

Have you ever encountered what you thought was a false preacher? He stood on a corner shouting out something about The Messiah Jesus but then threw in some modern mumbo-jumbo that didn’t flow with the Gospel. His thoughts on the love of God gets a bit mixed up with modern thoughts and legalistic commands. The… Read More God’s Love is Always There


Don’t Carry Your Burden Alone

Has there ever been a time in your life when you should have confessed to a burden that you have been carrying?  You have been holding on in selfish-conceit. Maybe fear, doubt or pride has kept you from placing your bondage at the cross or even asking a brother or sister to come along side… Read More Don’t Carry Your Burden Alone


Refuge In The Storm

A young child stood in the middle of her grandparent’s basement. She was looking up at the ceiling for a few minutes, but saw nothing because it was really her ears that were glued to the sounds outside the backdoor. The sirens weren’t on, but the thunder rumbled in the distance. Large rain drops randomly splattered… Read More Refuge In The Storm