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Five Powerful Verses on Beauty From God

We think a lot about beauty when we are bombarded by images on magazine covers, television advertisements and short cladded beauties in the mall on a hot summer day. They seem to be the ones to define our self-image or the lack there of as of late. I have seen a movement across insta-social media… Read More Five Powerful Verses on Beauty From God

Scripture Reading

Scripture Reading: Value

A child sits on the furthest bench in the furthest corner of the playground. She stares at her swinging feet with slumped shoulders. Trying to make herself as small as possible as she fidgets through an afternoon recess, her self-value shrinks to size of the smallest pebble she flicks from the seat next to her.… Read More Scripture Reading: Value

Bible Verses

Bible Verses About Being Accepted

Have you ever felt out-of-place? Maybe you thought you were just a few steps behind in fashion, friends or even faith. Some of us have had a life long battle with rejection from family and have dealt with feeling like an outcast because of it. What do you do with the emotions left from feeling… Read More Bible Verses About Being Accepted