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Reading Through Lent: The Books of Luke and Acts

Reading Through Lent Have you waited a long time for something to happen? Has your expectant heart been biting nails, searching in the mail and checking for messages? Has your patience been stretched? Why isn’t this thing happening or this person arriving or this notification coming? Do you even know what it is that you… Read More Reading Through Lent: The Books of Luke and Acts

31 Days of Biblical Truths, Devotionals

Why Study the Bible

We are made for more. The world states that women have a place of progression, of divisiveness that pushes us to the next level beyond broken human constraints. Not just be more, do more, but you are more. So then we ponder: who exactly are we, who am I? Am I this progressive woman or… Read More Why Study the Bible

Bible Study, Devotionals

The God Who Remembers

Hannah was barren. She wasn’t our first heart-broken sister nor was she our last. Women of faith caught in a motherhood and legacy trap spread across all time and cultures. We are met with defiance by the world when we don’t produce, don’t share life with offspring, and leave our families and husbands disappointed. Depression… Read More The God Who Remembers