Back to The Garden

It all started in the garden. Full-circle, the Lord came back to pray. “Did God really say that?” Seriously, the serpent spoke, which was suspicious in and of itself, but then accused Eve of misleading words. “Yes, my God did say that,” she responded, but was her voice wavering more on the side of questioning… Read More Back to The Garden

Advent Devotionals, Devotionals

The Stillness That Awaits

Still, still, still… I can think of that tune as I reach a point in our holiday season where I need to settle myself.  As I look toward a few more hectic days in this crazy life of mine, I like to see a rest coming, a stillness of sorts. Will a peaceful night come… Read More The Stillness That Awaits


Rejoice Even in The Darkness

Darkness is all around us.  A season of winter and rest finds us waking to the stars in the morning and dining by the same at night. Hours upon darkness and cold leaves us tired and weary. Reprieve by sunlight and warmth is a long ways off and hope seems really far down in the… Read More Rejoice Even in The Darkness