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A Savior Unlike Any Man

We can never hide from God. It’s like that song where we won’t hide it under a bushel, we can’t hide it in the darkness, nothing can separate us, nope, it’s shining. Not just the light, but the sin and darkened hearts that we try to shove in the corners or the junk drawers is… Read More A Savior Unlike Any Man


Contrite in Our Brokenness

My body mourns with brokenness. My head hurts as I try to fill the exhaustion with warm caffeine upon waking. My heart hurts as I see my children struggle to understand the world. My body hurts as my husband faces trials and frustrations. My soul aches when injustice is blamed on the Lord who has… Read More Contrite in Our Brokenness


Confidence in the Lord

Confidence, it’s something that I wish I had. Butterflies flare up when I stand up front. My shoulders tense up in pain when mama bear wants to rip out. Tears flow when someone offends me. Knees jerk in response to injustice. And through all of the physical reactions, a blubbering fool comes out of my… Read More Confidence in the Lord