Devotionals, Missions

Are You Willing to Go?

Are you willing to go, to do, and to step out of all that you have known? It’s not always a big booming voice. Sometimes it’s a conviction, something you’ve read, an answered prayer, or a testimony in fellowship. When called, how often do you scoff at the thought and aren’t willing to budge outside… Read More Are You Willing to Go?

Scripture Reading

Verses of Affirmation

We live in troubling times. Modern cultural thoughts and liberties have thrown our society into spiraling turmoil. Popular thoughts have seeped into our Christian morals and we have left little room to follow the commission that Christ set our for us to do. We feel doubt, confusion, and tend to rethink what the Spirit originally… Read More Verses of Affirmation


The Virtue of a Cheerful Giver

How often do some feel as a martyr to their giving? They give of themselves daily, to spouse and children, to clients and community, to ministry and church, and they feel full. In this fullness, they find inner complaints. Their dreams of a thriving home and flourishing lifestyle seem to be at hand, but they… Read More The Virtue of a Cheerful Giver