The Virtue of a Cheerful Giver

How often do some feel as a martyr to their giving? They give of themselves daily, to spouse and children, to clients and community, to ministry and church, and they feel full. In this fullness, they find inner complaints. Their dreams of a thriving home and flourishing lifestyle seem to be at hand, but they… Read More The Virtue of a Cheerful Giver

31 Days of Five Minute Free Writes, Devotionals

Nothing is Too Mundane for the Lord

There’s nothing exceptional about you.  You’re just a common person living the common life. A man who works a bland job, to pay for his plain house in his cookie cutter sub-division, for his dull family is all that you are. A stay-at-home mom living through her children’s achievements, who wears trendy yoga pants with… Read More Nothing is Too Mundane for the Lord


Be Bold in Your Witness

Have you ever experienced something so strong, so pure of heart and moving that it pushes you to be bold? Do you ever think that the Lord calls us to stop speaking from the safety of our homes and brings us to stand on a mountain crying out to the world a testament of faith? Life… Read More Be Bold in Your Witness