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Words of Thanksgiving: Our Hope This Season

Looking for hope this season? Looking for a way to navigate a world that seems dim? Searching for gratitude when all we are met with is strife? Normally we look forward to a time of harvest, a time where we are full of thanksgiving when we approach the end of Autumn. We have visions of… Read More Words of Thanksgiving: Our Hope This Season

Christian Living, Devotionals

It Is Well

Troubling times are more than just on the horizon, they are here. We see all over the news, the internet and out our back doors that we are on a downslide in society. We see thoughts on the sanctity of life as backwards, Biblical truths twisted, and definitions of right all skewed. It’s hurting our… Read More It Is Well


To Be More

The moment is gone. It will be no more. All the time wasted is gone. Missed opportunities will forever nag at the back of your mind. Loved ones dust the earth with their ashes. Children move on to have their own. Promotions are missing and relationships are fleeting. We could have spent more time in… Read More To Be More