31 Days of Biblical Truths, Devotionals

Walk in The Way of The Lord

The Father’s love runs deep. The vastness of the ocean cannot compare to the depth of the love our Lord has for us. The majestic mountains are mere foothills and cannot stand against the immensity of the love of our God. The spans of the universe is miniscule when set up against the intensity of… Read More Walk in The Way of The Lord


Distant, Not Dismissive

Distant. That’s the way of the Christian life at times. The feeling of being distant from non-believers, marginal Christians, family, and friends seeps into our beings as we feel adrift in the culture that we live in. 6am coffee on a mid-summer morning brings little comfort as the birds chirp in hope that a reprieve… Read More Distant, Not Dismissive


Taking a Moment to Reflect

Life is often hectic. A whirlwind of deadlines, appointments, dinner dates, and homework often dashes in and out on a daily basis. Time for coffee, exercise, and prayer is sidelined when our phones are glued to our hands with texts from the circle of busyness and agendas are ingrained into our thinking. We never take… Read More Taking a Moment to Reflect