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Don’t Live Stuck in Sinking Sand

It’s like drowning.

At first your toes are just in the wave break. When the water feels cool and refreshing, you stick around awhile longer. You can handle the slight lapping at your being, but then the worry sets in. Your doubt makes you stuck in one spot dreading the next step.

As the tide starts to roll in you forget to step back. Lost in your doubt, you start to struggle. Eventually your clothes are wet and weighing you down. The waves come fast and larger.  Suddenly you realize that you are in over your head.

Your toes had been planted too long in the sinking sand and you feel plastered in. At this point you don’t have the option to swim, you are stuck to sinking.

What is left to do? Drown?

Call upon the Lord. Seems almost cliché, doesn’t it? You hear those words so often and when your call isn’t always answered in a way that you fathomed that it would be, you just chalk it up to that you might be meant to live a life of drowning, and a perpetual stuck in the mud stance.

This is where faith is necessary. We don’t need a faith that is only good in times of sunny days on the shore wrapped safely in the shade of a firmly planted umbrella. We need a faith that breaks through the overwhelming tide and that holds on to the one who calms the sea and walks across water.

Isaiah 26:3 NIV

You will keep in perfect peace
    those whose minds are steadfast,
    because they trust in you.

The Lord’s perfect peace will calm any tide, and pull us out of where we seem to be dug in.  As we dwell on Him, we can claim the perfect peace that He offers. He remains faithful and true in our lives. When we grab on to this peace we will grasp on to quietness and confidence in the trust that we will have forever.

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7 thoughts on “Don’t Live Stuck in Sinking Sand

  1. Excellent thoughts! Thank you for sharing this today. I’ve read several blog posts this morning along these same lines. Love it when the Lord does that!

    1. Isn’t that great. I think it’s a small way that the Lord reminds us that we need community with brothers ans sisters!

  2. “We need a faith that breaks through the overwhelming tide and that holds on to the one who calms the sea and walks across water.” Amen!

  3. This is just beautiful Mary Ann! Your words paint a vivid picture of being stuck and then offer such hope! Love this post! Cindy #fmf FB page

  4. So true–and expressed as one who has experienced this so profoundly. Thank you for sharing!

  5. You painted a picture of what it is like to be stuck, and encouragement to have faith–we should anticipate God’s help and trust Him. I’m your neighbor at FMF. Have a blessed weekend.

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