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Book Review: Strange Days by Mark Sayers

About the Author

MARK SAYERS is a writer, speaker and pastor who is highly sought out for his unique and perceptive insights into faith and contemporary culture. He is the author of The Trouble with Paris, The Vertical Self, The Road Trip That Changed The World and Facing Leviathan. Mark is also the Senior Leader of Red Church, and the co-founder of Uber Ministries.

  • Genre- Religion
  • Published 05/2017
  • 192 pages
  • Goodreads Rating 4.27

Why I Chose This Book

I am always interested in the opinions of fellow Christians about modern society and how they suggest we should live as a Christian in such times. The title was enticing enough for me to look further into what Mark Sayers had to say.


Mark Sayers speaks truth by reminding us that, “our age is not as modern, unique, and progressive as it believes. Like all ages, it is shaped by the elemental forces” (pg 170). This seems to be the running theme in his book Strange Days.  Here he tackles our modern-day plights as Christians.

Sayers discusses culture as we know it and how it came to be so. He suggests how we, as Christians, should live in this modern world.

Sayers breaks down the book into three main parts. Part one deals with the biblical pattern of chaos. He addresses: the role of media, terrorism, immigration and refugees, corruption and failing institutions, confusing conflicts, cultural wars, political polarization, and disconnection in a seemingly connected world. He ties all of these topics together under what we view as globalization.  Part two talks about the historical pattern of chaos and shows us how we can see specific movements from Scripture occurring in our world. Part three concludes this book by looking at how we are called to live in this world while living out our Christian faith and escape from the chaos through living a life in the Spirit.

My Thoughts

This is an interesting analysis of culture, international relations throughout modern times, and the church past and present.  Strange Days is a great and relevant read for our times. I really enjoyed the thought process for the response by the church.

This is a recommended read for all Christians and non-Christians alike, especially those seeking a biblical explanation and understanding of the days that we live in.

I received this book from Moody Publishers for this review. 


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