31 Days of Five Minute Free Writes, Five Minute Friday

Five Minutes for 31 Days To Tell My Story

What do you get in 31 Days?

…a story woven through life with writing prompts and thoughtful musings from the mind of a faith blogger.  I pray for the Lord’s guidance as I glorify Him with my story, thoughts, and Scripture reading. Please join me for the month of October as I write for the Lord about my story.



{Day 1: Story}

{Day 2: Afraid}

{Day 3: Believe}

{Day 4: Why}

FMF Link-up {Day 5: Share

{Day 6: Belong}

{Day 7: Hope}

{Day 8: Comfort}

{Day 9: Inspire}

{Day 10:  How}

{Day 11: Door}

FMF Link-up {Day 12: Praise}

{Day 13: Talk}

{Day 14: Ask}

{Day 15: When}

{Day 16: Pray}

{Day 17: Pause}

{Day 18: Search}

FMF Link-up {Day 19: Who}

{Day 20: Audience}

{Day 21: Start}

{Day 22: Help}

{Day 23: Common}

{Day 24: Brief}

{Day 25: Capture}

FMF Link-up {Day 26: Moment}

{Day 27: Whole}

{Day 28: Song}

{Day 29: Together}

{Day 30: Voice}

{Day 31: Close}

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