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Responding to God’s Bold Call: Documenting Stories of Redemption

There is a lot of brokenness in the world.

We see broken homes, broken people, broken societies, and sin that permeates all of the cracks in between. How do we get past these things? Where is redemption in all of this? Do we even want a way out or is living in transgression just too easy?

Abortion breaks us. Even for those who revel in this ultra-broken error of thinking, anger and hurt stem from a place that people turn a blind eye to. We don’t look for the whys or the what-ifs, but we point and accuse instead. All day long false apologetics pour out of both sides instead of taking a hard look at where these thoughts come from.

For Christians, truth is in there, rooted in the love of God, but anger and knee-jerk reactions follow us like a pesky shadow.

There is humility to be found in the midst of this. We need to seek it and embrace it. The Lord will lead us through and show us how to fight past false narratives in our witness, showing compassion to the other side while speaking truth.

Angela Forker is a photographer who had a heart for newborns. She captured the element of emotion throughout her sessions, yet found that the Lord seemed to be telling her that there is more work for her to be doing. Through her bold prayers, she was called to reach out to post-abortive women.

How do you take a trendy profession and turn it into a story of hope in Christ? How do you glorify the Lord through pain?

Summer from Life is a Vapor shares with us a story of a photographer with a heart to help walk the post-abortive through their pain and seek redemption.

God responded and gave her a project called “The Precious Baby Project“, whose purpose is to “spread hope and raise awareness for babies with special needs”.  God has since used Angela’s work to help families who are burdened with the various aspect of caring for special babies with unique medical needs….

Soon after, Angela started a new project called the “After the Abortion Photography Series” which, in about a year’s time, has generated a lot of reaction – especially on social media.  Word spread quickly and Angela began to receive messages from women, and on occasion men, requesting a session with her… continue reading at Life is a Vapor. Haunted to Heal: A Photographer Helps Post Abortive Women

Summer is a wife and mother. Follower of Christ. Lover of truth. Avid reader. Thoughtful writer. I chose the name “Life is a Vapor” because I am reminded all too often that we are pilgrims on this earth – just passing through. This is not home. So, instead of focusing on the earthly, I’d rather focus on the eternal. In light of this, it is my goal to make every blog post reflect this philosophy.


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  1. Absolutely beautiful and inspiring project! May God bless is greatly❤️

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